Bensons Animal Farm
Benson’s Animal Farm
    23 Kimball Hill Rd, Hudson, New Hampshire Thursday, July 31, 2014   
Bensons Animal Park


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Karen Turpin April 15, 2014 14:03:35 (EDT)

We would love to bring the kids to Benson's animal Farm for our Easter outting. Will you be open Easter Sunday? How much is the addmission?

Tanya April 11, 2014 20:11:54 (EDT)

Love bensons! Would like to see more benches for everyone at the playground but that's one MINOR thing.

Lee Lavoie April 2, 2014 21:40:50 (EDT)

Benson Park has plenty of animals. You have to look hard because, they are not in cages. I knew the park before and enjoy it more now.

Paul March 17, 2014 17:41:02 (EDT)

At this time the Benson Park Committee has not released any area for additional benches. If you want your name on a list, contact

Brenda March 11, 2014 18:45:02 (EDT)

I love that the park was restored. Visiting Bensons now brings back so many memories. It is sad that we don't have the original park, however we have something just as beautiful. The land just isn't wasted away.

roddney March 7, 2014 22:14:44 (EDT)

please put life animals back

Norma Geary March 7, 2014 14:03:13 (EDT)

Could someone tell me who to contact to order and donate a bench for the park? Thank you so much.

russell March 4, 2014 20:56:44 (EDT)

When I was very young remember seeing Henry Ford at Bensons and coverseing with Mr Benson, am I imagining that is it true?

Lori February 10, 2014 22:06:08 (EDT)

I'm taking a shot in the dark here but, I'm looking for any information about Chase Wild Animal Farm in Halifax, Ma. It shut down some time around 1960. I heard Chase and Benson's had some connection, not sure if this is correct. The internet isn't really helping me with any info. If anyone out there could help me, I would really appreciate it. My e-mail is Thank you very much

Donna January 24, 2014 21:12:02 (EDT)

I am looking for an old park map of Benson's around the 1980's time frame. Arthur was my father in law and I would like to give the map to my son, Arthur's grandson. If anyone has one or knows where I can find one I would appreciate the info. Thanks

Jay January 23, 2014 20:31:28 (EDT)

Ann perhaps you should read the entire post about Benson's before you make a dumb comment that has no bearing on anything current. There are no animals there and have not been any for over 20 years.

Ann Mattson January 23, 2014 07:31:08 (EDT)

I was at Bensons when I was 7 or 8 years old. I watched a caged and chained elephant eat a soda can and try to eat a blue sweater. It was very disturbing to me. I hope you take better care of your animals now

Marty Michiels January 12, 2014 19:59:21 (EDT)

Pinkey was my Tutu's brother in law. I saw them at the farm. It was a hoot

Maurice Michiels January 12, 2014 19:44:24 (EDT)

Any photos of Pinky Madison

Neama January 8, 2014 15:47:16 (EDT)

Looking through some old boxes today and found a pewter mug from Benson's Animal Farm. It brought back so many happy memories of the fun my sisters, brother, and I shared at the magical Benson's

Steve Klein December 29, 2013 13:36:07 (EDT)

Arthur's Obituary. We'll miss you, Arthur!

A memorial service will be officiated by Reverend Kevin Nichols on Saturday, January 18, 2014 at 11:00 AM at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 354 Main Street, Hopkinton NH. Everyone is invited to meet at church. A gathering in the reception hall will follow. Burial will take place in the spring. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to Hope Elephants, PO Box 2025, Hope ME 04847.

Steve Klein December 24, 2013 14:22:46 (EDT)

Here is a recent article in the Nashua Telegraph about Arthur.

Kathy Weldon Mills December 20, 2013 08:57:49 (EDT)

Rest in peace Arthur Provencher. It was your vision that touched so many lives and created things like this Message Board (thanks Steve) and those things will keep the memory of you and Benson's alive forever.

Jay Knox December 19, 2013 21:43:02 (EDT)

"Sad day. Arthur Provencher has passed away. Last owner of Bensons Animal Park. At the time, the oldest and largest animal park in the U.S. known worldwide. It was a great privilege to work there. Met many great friends and animals from there. Many MANY awesome memories. RIP - AJP. Deepest condolences to Provencher family, especially Cindy Provencher. Arthur's primary care giver, confidant and best friend."

Dana Sion November 25, 2013 14:56:11 (EDT)

Great find/post about the signs from the park on CL.
Well look like someone was able to purchase some of the parks former items from the old Grand View Flea Market as those signs had been there since 1987. Someone did talk to the former owner of the Flea Market and he wanted top dollar at the time for any of the old park items so it was hard for the park or the FOBP to get them back. Thankfully the park has a huge collection from the last owner the FOBP purchased .
The FOBP purchased the rights to the Bensons side of things however the other side still belongs to it's license holder Viacom Inc. Several vintage shirts from the old parks gift shop can be found for sale at the FOBP gift shop in the former Elephant Barn during the warm months.

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