Bensons Animal Farm
Benson’s Animal Farm
    23 Kimball Hill Rd, Hudson, New Hampshire Wednesday, July 1, 2015   
Bensons Animal Park


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Phil Frezzette August 25, 2014 14:15:42 (EDT)

Being from Pelham, NH I went to Bensons on occasion. My family and I are having our reunion there Sept 6th. It will be great to be back.

harry davies August 24, 2014 21:19:39 (EDT)

I worked at bensons in the late 50s early 60s as assistant trainer for joe acaro. later I went to california and did movie animals. best time of my life!!! were at bensons!Reading the post from (paul frazer) brought tears to my eyes.does any body know anything about john dufresne who worked with pinkey in those days?

Marc boisvert August 19, 2014 15:53:26 (EDT)

I have recived two items from bebsons animal park one is a mold to make a cloun head,the other is a life size mold to make a life size cow. You can call me at 603 296 7207 please cAll people are asking for these items.

Thomas Charron August 8, 2014 16:06:25 (EDT)

The Bensons elephant that was on the corner of the old flea market in Derry is gone this morning.

Anyone know what happened to it? It would suck if it was thrown away or destroyed. :-(

Ron Nickerson August 5, 2014 23:26:20 (EDT)

Hey everyone: As you can see my name above I just wanted to contact someone regarding a key chain medallion, I think is brass about a little bigger than a quarter from Bensons Wild Animal Park, circa the 1950's. I am now 65, and I remember going to the park all the time as we lived in Pelham, in the winter we used to go skating and sliding in the snow. My father worked their, he also ran the train, from around 1950-1955. I went there many times and have fond memories. My father had the medallion on his keychain ever since the 50's and when he died in 2000 at age 79, I took the medallion off the keychain and have saved it eversince. I am in Kissimmee Florida now retired from 25 years at Walt Disney World, and am thinking of selling this special medallion, is anyone interested or would like to correspond with me? I can send a picture upon request as I am also getting ready to sell or auction off a very exclusive 'Disney Collection'. Ron

No name July 23, 2014 07:20:10 (EDT)

Mike, apparently you are stealing Dane Cook 's material. Try something original next time.

Mike July 21, 2014 10:07:58 (EDT)

I remember I had always wanted to go to Benson's Animal Farm when I was a kid. My dad always promised me we would go, but he was a hard working guy and would drink heavily on the weekends. He would always say after he woke from a hangover "Benson's isn't going anywhere" I want to go there and ride a ride to smash my teeth out!

dale July 11, 2014 19:02:31 (EDT)

I feel very lucky to have had the memories of benson's while growing up.I think the pic of the woman on the elephant, holding a child, is my mother holding my brother...also that she knew the trainer of the lions and somewhere in her old photos owned by my sister is a pic of her lying with the lions...I barely remember the day, but we were allowed to stand outside the enclosure and watched her...also remember being able to ride as small children on the giant tourtoises...Ifeel fortunate that we had bensons then and remember going there often,the archive pics brought back great memories...I have decided to adopt an elephant thru tenn. refuge for my grand children, after reading an article about murderess mary(how horrible!) daughters truck broke down in Erwin today and while looking for somewhere for them to visit in the area I came across the article,which also made me realize how fortunate my children were to even ride on an elephant ,something my grandchildren will probably never have be able to lets adopt one and be thankful they still walk our earth...the pics in the archives brought back a flood of wonderful, fun filled memories....great job to all!

Toni July 11, 2014 13:26:18 (EDT)

Wow, I have not been on this board in a long time. I heard of Mrs. Guill's passing and it brought me back. A very special family - many happy memories in that house. Dot....this is not the board for you. It is sad when people waste their energy on negativity that cannot change things. The animals during that time may not have had the best exhibits in the country, but I would say their care was among the best and they were loved.

Kevin July 11, 2014 00:48:04 (EDT)

Sarah: I worked at Benson's during the summers of 1979 and 1980 in the ride area. Benson's did have a train (that was my job, train operator) but it wasn't a "Clown Train". The reason I got the job was because the engine in the train was a tractor engine so the operator had to be a licensed driver. At the time most of the ride operators were 15 or younger. I just happened to be applying when the Provenchers (who had just bought Benson's) found this out. I was asked if I had a license and was hired.

NANCY DANIELS July 4, 2014 09:37:45 (EDT)

I have created a Benson's Park Calendar and would like to speak with someone regarding distribution... who should I contact?

Bret June 21, 2014 07:50:28 (EDT)

Thanks Jay. Great loss of a great lady. RIP Jenny Guill. You are remembered and put smiles on more faces than you ever knew.

Jay June 20, 2014 17:05:49 (EDT)

We have lost another one from park, Jenny Guill passsed away yesterday. Jenny was eveybody's mother and loved my all. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Guill family many who also worked at the park over the years.

Laurie Galbo June 11, 2014 12:18:49 (EDT)


I recently bought a collection of elephants that had belonged to Mr. Provencher and learned that Benson's is likely to do a new exhibit. If you would have any interest in these, please give me a call at (603) 770-2225.

Thank you,

Laurie Galbo
Nashua Coins & Collectibles
202 Main St, Nashua, NH 03060

Steve (webmaster) June 9, 2014 16:59:05 (EDT)

(Click to see what Sarah is talking about.)

Sarah June 7, 2014 22:54:52 (EDT)

Hello, I'd appreciate a little help possibly solving a mystery. Anyone who remembers Benson's well, they had amusement park rides at one time correct? Please take a look at this and let me know if they ever had a ride like the one mentioned here. Even better would be anyone who knows what might have happened to it. Thanks in advance for any information!

Don Himsel June 6, 2014 13:24:26 (EDT)

Hello. I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing stories/photos of their Benson's experiences for an upcoming Telegraph column.

I'm particularly interested in shots that I can revisit by standing in the same location the photo was made from. My rephotography can be seen under the 'columnist' tab on the Telegraph's website.

Thanks all,

Bret April 25, 2014 07:17:44 (EDT)

Thanks for the great words Lisi. There were many amazing dedicated folks working at Bensons over the years, even way before our 'era'. Not just the animal department. Folks in the office, maintenance, ride department, grounds, food service, etc. Were equally dedicated with their work and the proud of their work. I know of many times such staff would step in to assist with an animal situation or, at least, let a zoo staff person know of an illness, birth or other issues. This was not just a place of employ. It was many things to many people: work, home, pride, family, experience and comraderie - to name a few. Thanks to you too, Jay.

Lisi April 23, 2014 17:48:08 (EDT)

I worked at Benson's (concessions) in the summers of '80 and '81. Yes, the animal enclosures were small and antiquated. HOWEVER, I was always impressed with how hard the animal crew worked to keep the animals as happy as possible, and I do remember many animals getting new pastures where they could run about (Mr E, the zebras, etc.). Also, I was extremely impressed with how Bret handled the elephants. While they were chained up at night, they did go for walks in the parade (don't go there, at least it was some form of exercise) and EVERY DAY after the parade, Bret and Larry would take Queenie and Liz to the other end of the park for a romp in the lake. (And while I am not trying to add fuel to any flames, Liz & Queenie were far better off at Benson's than they ever were at the Hawthorn Corp.) It was obvious watching Bret back then: He cared a great deal for those elephants.

We all learn from our mistakes. Zoos have come a long way in the last century but they still have a long way to go before they could be perfect. Until then, we can only make an effort to learn from the past and quit wasting time condemning it.

Bret April 23, 2014 06:54:58 (EDT)

I'm not trying to stifle anything. However, I have little tolerance for anyone in any situation, taking select negative tidbits of a very long story to create only more negative to satisfy a narrow minded agenda. I have great knowledge of the park, experience with the employess and operations there. I possess a great degree of priviledged experience in the zoo/amusement park business. This, and some open mindedness, allow me to make a more general and educated opinion. That is my simple point for other folks: get Properly informed. This park was fairly anitquated for its time. However, in the final 7+ yrs HUGE strides had been made in animal enclosures, animal husbandry, enrichment programs and education. I know, first hand, dozens of VERY dedicated staff members that worked there. Most that worked directly with the animal collections and many that didnt'...whom, when needed, stepped right in without hestitation to assist if/when needed. The reasons for the park's closure were more complicated than your perceived one. Dot, you may dwell on the 'horror' stories and the negativity. That seems to be your 'happy place'. A few unfortuaate events did occur and exist. The majority of folks, me included, prefer to remember the vast majority of great things that occured There were amazing animals, awesome staff/employees, the great times and many of the awesome plans that were in the works - that time cut short. If you had attended the zoo in the following 9 years, you would have seen great evolution. Dozens of large expanded hoofstock enclosures, enhanced elephant management program, the closure of the antiquated primate house, aviaries, breeding programs, Heck, simply ask other folks, look at old photos/videos .....get better informed.

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